Large Volcanic Provinces of the Arctic

2016.12.13 | Lara O'Dwyer Brown

Date Tue 13 Dec
Time 15:15 16:15
Location Geoscience Auditorium 1671-137

Photo of flood basalts on Bennett Island, East Siberian Sea, Russia

Our own Christian Tegner will give the Geoscience Department's seminar today. Christian's talk, "Large Volcanic Provinces of the Arctic," will present the magmatic rocks occur throughout the Arctic area (Greenland, Russia, Norway and Canada) that were originally described as the Brito-Arctic Province (or Thulean Province). These magmatic rocks are now subdivided into several, distinct Large Volcanic Provinces. Christian's talk will review recent research on their age and petrology, focussing on how magmatic rocks can be used to constrain plate tectonics and the geodynamic evolution of Earth. 

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