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2017.04.06 | Research news

ESP's Christian Tegner invited to CASE 19 Expedition

Christian Tegner has been invited to take part in an expedition where he will work on the High Arctic large igneous province (lavas, dykes, and large gabbro-granite intrusions) in the Pearya Terrane of northern Ellesmere Island. This is an exciting trip for Christian and the ESP team as the rocks he will study may represent the onshore extension…

2017.04.04 | Events

Plate Reorganisations and Volcano-Climate Interactions During the Emplacement of the North Atlantic Igneous Province (62-55 Ma)

GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR by ESP collaborator Morgan T. Jones, from the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), University of Oslo

2017.03.20 | Events

ESP's Christian Tegner invited to speak at 3rd CASE-workshop

The geodynamics of the marginal areas of the Arctic Ocean are a supraregional focus of Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR), and are investigated by CASE (Cirum-Arctic Structural Events) projects. The 3rd CASE-workshop took place at the BGR, Hannover, from 13th to 16th of March 2017. Participants came from across Europe,…

2017.03.15 | Events

Dr. June Wicks will visit ESP

16th - 18th March 2017

2017.02.21 | Research news

New publication makes an impact!

Two billion years of magmatism recorded from a single Mars meteorite ejection site

2017.01.11 | Knowledge exchange, Events, Conference

ESP's Christian Tegner at 32nd Winter Meeting in Oslo

Organised by Geological Society of Norway

2017.01.04 | News from the management

Godt Nytår

From your friends and colleagues in Earth System Petrology - Geoscience - Aarhus University

Photo of flood basalts on Bennett Island, East Siberian Sea, Russia

2016.12.13 | Events, Seminar

Large Volcanic Provinces of the Arctic

Our own Christian Tegner will give the Geoscience Department's seminar today. Christian's talk, "Large Volcanic Provinces of the Arctic," will present the magmatic rocks occur throughout the Arctic area (Greenland, Russia, Norway and Canada) that were originally described as the Brito-Arctic Province (or Thulean Province). These magmatic…

2016.12.06 | Events

Sandra Michelis MSc thesis

Platinum Group Element Prospectivity of the Moroccan Central Atlantic Magmatic Province

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2016.09.26 19:38 Age 212 days

Aarhus Geochemistry and Research Platform


| Lara O'Dwyer Brown


Århus Stiftstidene

AU Science and Technology

2015.12.10 19:55 Age 1 year

PhD student Niklas Stausberg


| Lara O'Dwyer Brown

Niklas featured in Elements as recipient of MSA Grant for Student Research in Mineralogy and Petrology
MSA Grant for Student Research in Mineralogy and Petrology

2015.08.20 19:49 Age 2 yrs

Post-doc Kenni Petersen's work featured


| Lara O'Dwyer Brown

Co-author Roger Buck interviewed on The Downs and Ups of Mountain Building

2015.05.01 19:55 Age 2 yrs

Christian Tegner's work featured


| Lara O'Dwyer Brown

Giga-vulkan skabte jordskælv i England og Danmark , VidenskabNordjyske



2015.01.10 19:58 Age 2 yrs

Peter Thy's scoria work featured


| Lara O'Dwyer Brown

Article in the Daily Mail